General University Community Issues:

When is one entitled to occupational health care?

An employee that is working under an employment contract is entitled to receive occupational health care. The employer has a legal obligation to provide it to the employees. The extent of the occupational health care and the provider for the health care depend on the employer. Basically preventive health care must be offered, but most employers provide also health care in acute illness and sometimes extra things such as physiotherapy.

Are grant-holders entitled to occupational health care?

No. Grant-holders can take advantage of their local communal health care services, or private health care services.
Do the university human resources services provide guidance for international researchers?

They do in some aspects. In many universities, the HR services have specific people in charge of providing help to international staff members.

What should I do when someone commits academic misconduct or fraud by using my research and not giving me credit?

The universities are bound to follow the Finnish Advisory Board on Research Integrity’s (Tutkimuseettinen neuvottelukunta/TENK) guidelines concerning the responsible conduct of research. If you have noticed an academic misconduct, you must contact the university to start an investigation on the alleged violation.

What should I do when I’m bullied or harassed? Is it acceptable in Finland for professors to make comments about personal life and out-of-work relationships to their employees? Is there a disciplinary measure for bullying?

If you are in a situation where you feel you have been mistreated/bullied/harassed, you should contact the shop steward or the employees’ work safety representative. Universities have their own practices to deal with inappropriate behavior. According to the work safety laws in Finland, these matters must be addressed. You can also contact your occupational health care provider and they can bring the subject up with the employer.

What should I do if I’m forced to perform experiments on live animals without anesthetic?

If you feel you have been asked to do something inappropriate, you should contact the shop steward and discuss the matter with him/her. He will advise you how to proceed in your university.