Researchers and teachers – welcome to the Union!

The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT) is a professional organisation and trade union for researchers, teachers and other academic experts at universities and research institutions. The Union is the right organisation for all university researchers and teachers.

  • Within the universities, the Union is present to support and assist its members with an extensive and competent network of Union shop stewards and advisors right within the workplace, a benefit not provided by other unions.
  • The Union negotiates with the Employers’ Association of Universities in Finland on the wages and other employment terms and conditions of university personnel.
  • The Union is heard in the Parliament concerning any matters that are related to university or academic policies.
  • The Ministry of Education and Culture and the Academy of Finland request statements from the Union on key university and science policy issues.
  • The Union played a significant role in ensuring that those who work on grant or scholarship funding are included within the scope of statutory pension and accident insurance.
  • The Union actively lobbies, both publicly and through its interest groups, on issues such as the position of fixed-term employees, the status of junior researchers, the employment of individuals with a doctoral degree, and the funding of universities and science in general.

You can join the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers through one of its many member associations. Go to the Member associations.

You can complete an online membership application here.

You can also print out a membership application under the heading Apply for membership or request one from the Union office by e-mailing your request to marsa.nyqvist(at) Send your completed and signed application directly to the relevant member association. The board of the member association in question decides on its new members and notifies them in writing of the decision.

Membership officially begins, at the earliest, on the date when the written application for membership is submitted to the member association. Please also read about all information about the Membership fees and Membership benefits.