Unemployment security

The members of the Union are provided with unemployment insurance through the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund (Opettajien työttömyyskassa). 

Instructions for the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund

The instructions are intended for members of the unemployment fund who meet the minimum employment requirement stated in the Act on Unemployment Security during their period of membership. A grant period, as well as full-time studies, sickness allowance or family leave all extend the review period by a total maximum of seven years, and any income from these sources is not taken into account when calculating the amount of the daily allowance. Anyone who is not a member of the unemployment fund can apply to the Social Insurance Institution of Finland Kela for unemployment benefits.

If you become unemployed, follow these instructions:

1. Visit the Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) (in Finnish only) and register as an unemployed jobseeker on the date in which your employment or grant period ends or a lay-off begins, and keep your job search valid in accordance with the instructions provided by the TE Office. The unemployment fund cannot pay the daily allowance for any period in which your job search is not valid.

 2. Carefully complete the application for the earnings-related allowance and acquire any necessary attachments. The applications are available at the TE Offices or from the website of the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund. You can also apply online for the allowance through Openet.

More detailed information about the allowance application is available from the website of the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund.

 3. Send the first application and attachments to the unemployment fund when you have been unemployed a minimum of two calendar weeks, ending on a Sunday (or a minimum of one calendar month for those who work part-time and those who receive secondary income). Subsequent applications shall be completed for each period of four full calendar weeks or by calendar months. The application rhythm remains the same throughout the period of unemployment. The application for the allowance shall be filed within three months from the date on which the relevant payment period starts.

Address of unemployment fund: Opettajien työttömyyskassa, Pasilankatu 4 B, FI-00240 Helsinki, e-mail: opettajien.tk(at)opetk.fi

4. Make sure that your membership remains valid during your period of unemployment as well. Information on how to handle your membership fees during unemployment is available from the organisation secretary at mari.hurskainen(at)tieteentekijoidenliitto.fi

5. Notify the unemployment fund immediately of all factors affecting your right to receive the allowance. Such factors include, among others, studies, employment, grant funds, sickness leaves, entrepreneurial activities, salary earnings during the period of notice, social benefits or other earnings. The TE Office also needs information concerning any changes to your situation.

6. To estimate the level of your allowance, you can use, for example, the allowance calculator on the website of the Federation of Unemployment Funds in Finland (TYJ).

Useful links: Teachers’ Unemployment Fund, Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office),The Federation of Unemployment Funds in Finland