INA is insurance against inadequate salary and bad working conditions. INA makes sure that the salary corresponds to the demands of the work and that structural organizational changes do not worsen working conditions or otherwise unnecessarily burden workers. As a national association INA is well aware of the situation and development in the library field in the whole country. 

As a member of INA and the Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers (FUURT) you are entitled to many kinds of membership benefits. The members of the Union are provided with unemployment insurance through the Teachers’ Unemployment Fund (Opettajien työttömyyskassa). The Legal Advice covers employment-related problems and also private life affairs. The union will also help you with employment issues and offer you payroll guidance. 

General information for living as an international academic professional in Finland, see FUURT's FAQ.

You can apply for the membership of INA here (for FUURT local branch choose Association of Academic Information Specialists INA).