The Union in Brief

The Finnish Union of University Researchers and Teachers is a professional organisation for teachers, researchers, library personnel and other academic experts at universities and research institutions.

The Union is Akava’s largest and most influential affiliate within the university sector, and is the most qualified expert on issues concerning researchers employed in other sectors as well.

The Union has 15 member associations with a combined membership of over 7,000 employees.

The Union provides information, support and security

The Union pursues to ensure that the academic community also becomes a good work community, where the pay corresponds to the demands of the work and where no unfounded fixed-term employments are initiated.

  • The Union negotiates with the Employers’ Association of Universities in Finland on the wages and other employment terms and conditions of university personnel.
  • The Union played a significant role in ensuring that those who work on grant or scholarship funding are included within the scope of statutory pension and accident insurance.
  • Union representatives maintain an open line of communication with those whose decisions affect the position of university personnel, both on the national scale and within individual universities.
  • Union representatives serve within the major decision-making bodies of Akava.
  • The Ministry of Education and Culture, the universities and the Academy of Finland all request statements from the Union.
  • The Union is heard in the Parliament concerning any matters that are related to university or academic policies.
  • The Union actively lobbies, both in public and through its interest groups, on issues such as the position of fixed-term employees, the status of junior researchers, the employment of individuals with a doctoral degree, and the funding of universities and science in general.