1. Apply for strike allowance using the form on FUURT’s webpage. Fill out the whole form carefully

2.  Fill in your bank account information in eAsiointi (to help make payments faster)

3. Attach a salary receit to the form to show your salary was withheld from the strike day. Send the scanned salary receit via e-mail to (toimisto@tieteentekijoidenliitto.fi) or via mail to: Asemapäällikönkatu 12 B, 00520 Helsinki

Please send the strike allowance application within twelve weeks of the strike date. We aim to pay out the allowance in 8 weeks after receiving the applications.

FUURT will withhold the tax from the strike allowance in accordance to the Tax administration’s instructions:  
Out of the daily strike allowance of 50 euros, after tax, 41,50 euros will be paid out per each strike day. FUURT will send information about the withheld tax (8,50 euros) directly to the tax administration.

Fill out the strake allowance form carefully.

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