Special Group for International Researchers

FUURT has a special coordination group for international researchers. The group includes both international as well as native Finnish members from all universities across the country. Launched in 2011, the coordination group provides assistance to academic professionals with an international background. These include foreign citizens, returning Finnish academics and other people in comparable situations.

One of the main functions of the group is to organize practical “Academic Self-Defense Courses” in English. The courses are designed to provide international researchers with the necessary information on their rights as members of the university community and to familiarize them with the shop steward system and other trade union services. Sessions have been organized in Tampere, Helsinki, Kuopio, Joensuu, Jyväskylä, and the aim is to expand the organization to cover the whole country.

The group also endeavors to facilitate the flow of information aimed at prospective international members, to promote the activity of international members within the Union and to look out for the interests of the international researchers in general terms. The coordination group acts as an advisory body of the Union Board in all matters pertaining to the status of the international researchers in the Finnish academic community, and is always ready to provide assistance to local associations in such matters.

The group is open to proposals, suggestions and active participation by all international members of the Union. The coordination group of international researchers works in close cooperation with the early stage researchers’ group, and also has a Facebook profile.

Coordinator of the Network of Foreign Researchers: Melissa Plath (email: melissa.a.plath (at) jyu.fi)